Kieran Buckley is an Australian nature photographer and filmmaker. He developed his love for photography through spending time in the outdoors and he’s rarely out without a camera in hand.

Kieran is a Photography Coach and enjoys sharing his passion for photography with others.His background in photography is divided between wildlife and underwater. Kieran teaches onboard expedition ships and in various destinations around Australia.

In addition to photography, Kieran is a keen naturalist, hiker, diver, kayaker and sailor. Alongside his wife, he currently resides on a 35ft sailboat.
Kieran has a keen sense of adventure and from a young age, has been passionate about the preservation of our natural world. Through photography, Kieran aims to inspire admiration and respect for our planet’s remaining wilderness and wildlife. He believes that photography is a powerful tool that can be used to help strengthen our bond and connection with nature.

In 2021, Kieran co-founded an NGO that focuses on educating people in the importance of keystone species within ecosystems.

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